We asked our fans what they would eat for the rest of their lives and these were the top replies.

1. Plantain

Many of our users were keen on eating plantain in its varieties for the rest of their lives. Who can blame them, though? Dodo is life. There are so many ways you can prepare your plantain to spice up your palette. There's plantain and egg frittata, gizdodo, Bole, plantain porridge and the classic fried plantain.

2. Rice

Don't we do this already? A lot of our meals revolve around rice. Fried rice, rice and stew and the popular jollof rice. Since we already do this, it makes more people open to eating it everyday for their lives, even though rice might not be their favourite food.

3. Garri and Groundnut

Did i hear Kwashiokor? People that gave this as an option are really ready for sufferhead olympics. This is because Garri is one of the foods every struggling Nigerian is familiar with. Well, a lot of people can relate to Garri as a safety and comfort food, so, makes sense.

4. Bread and Tea

Bread and tea? This is a very common breakfast meal in Nigerian homes. Some people actually have bread and tea everyday for breakfast.

5. Efo riro

Efo Riro is counted among the most popular Yoruba soup very popular Yoruba soup with a lot of wonderful nutrients because of its rich vegetables.

If you had to choose, what food could you eat everyday for the rest of your life?