Can you travel the world with a full-time job? With the right planning and a little courage, holding down a nine-to-five and exploring the world is do-able.

Most travellers will say they quit their job to follow their passion of travelling the world. But not many people can afford to do that. The most basic advice for 'nine-to-fivers' is to take advantage of public holidays, long weekends and leaves, but we sourced quotes and tips from inspiring travellers on other ways to travel the world with a full-time job. Read about Lee Litumba who quit her job to travel the world.

1. Start somewhere

If you're aspiring to live your dreams as an explorer, best to start somewhere. Go to local markets, restaurants and spots that many have not discovered right there in your city. It might not be as glamorous as being seen in the Seychelles, but this way you'll be ticking off destinations you never knew and sparking off more ideas on new places to go.

"Don’t wait to explore the ‘big locations’ if you can’t afford to do so yet. Start by exploring your own city, then consider visiting neighbouring cities, states and countries. Be flexible with your destinations. So you can’t afford to go to Europe just yet? Why not explore places closest to you? Cote d’ Ivoire, for example, has that European feel to it, when you think about it. They speak French (cue France vibes), have the world’s largest basilica and some of West Africa’s nicest beaches."- Amarachi (@amarachiekekwe)

2. Make sacrifices

If travelling is a priority for you, be ready to make sacrifices. It might not be as glamorous as you would like and those sacrifices could even add to the experience!

"You have to make sure that you truly put travel as a top priority. That means buying groceries instead of eating out, staying in sometimes instead of going to the bar, and any other means of saving money. Also, travelling doesn't mean you have to be away for weeks at a time! Even weekend trips driving or flying for a few hours is worth it if it means you're exploring somewhere you haven't been before." -Nicolette (@nicolette.delmar)

3. Be open to surrounding cities

Try not to be so close minded. People live in cities/towns for years without knowing the magic in store for then in the town that's just beside theirs. You can cross these things off your bucketlist here in Nigeria.

"I'd say it's definitely talking to locals to discover cooler or cheaper neighbourhoods that are still safe with reliable transport. That feeds into my second tip of staying in an area with good transit as Uber and taxis can bite a huge chunk out of your budget. Staying in smaller surrounding cities, as I did in Amsterdam, also saves and allows you to see more of the country and truly live like a local. To find cheap food, I'll often grab small bites from street carts, stick to appetizers, or explore the local grocery stores for quick meals. For example, I spent only €10 on dinner in Paris by buying cheese, sliced meat, a baguette, and wine."- Isaiah (@ihg.94)

4. Maximize business trips

This is very underrated. There's a lot you could do when you're not in that conference or at the research institute. Why not take advantage of it then?

"Lastly, don't be afraid to tack on a for fun trip to something that starts out as business. I wish I would've done that with Ireland, but I was slipping. If you're going to Paris for work, see if you can find a cheap flight to somewhere else you want to go, say Rome for the weekend or a few days after your official business is done. You'll probably have to pay for that leg of the journey yourself, but hey, save your coins and make it happen. You're already over there."-Gabrielle (@gabgotti)