Life in the big city of Lagos can be expensive and overwhelming, but you are up for an adventure you could spice it up a bit with these 5 free and cheap date ideas in Lagos.

If you're tired of the usual dates in Lagos or are also short on cash but will still like to ball with your partner on a budget, these date ideas are for you.

1. Art gallery

If you enjoy art, take your partner to appreciate art at Nike Art Gallery, one of the must-see galleries in Lagos that charge nothing. The building is lined with a selection of exhibition spaces for all types of art, from sculpture to short film and many of them are completely free to view.

2. Visit the beach

Lagos is home to quite a number of beaches; Oniru beach, Takwa bay, Elegushi beach, Atican beach, etc. You and your partner could pick a beach and plan a romantic visit there for next to nothing. You could enjoy a walk on the beach, ride horses together and do a small picnic by the beach.

3. Comedy night, festivals

You could take your partner to a food festival, music festival or a bar's comedy night, and the best part is that they're free for the most part. Eat, drink, dance, laugh, without having to spend so much. Festivals and comedy nights come often but dates are not set in stone.

4. Silent Disco

Give your partner a unique listening experience with the affordable Silent Disco. It's a party but with headsets synced to a DJ. The energy is hypnotizing without words, when you both dance to the same song but you also get a calm place to talk too when you both remove the headsets. Get the best of both worlds.

5. Catch a show at Freedom Park

The park features music, dance and theatre. With the exception of a few benefit concerts, all these events are free, spanning the whole year. Freedom Park is always a great budget Lagos attraction, with gorgeous flower gardens and active nightlife. You could also take advantage of the scenic view to plan a picnic with your partner.