A new kind of pizza which is black before you put it in the oven, the black pizza is here to stay.

Looks burnt right? But then, black pizza crust is made using activated charcoal, an ingredient chefs use when they want to make their pizzas a little gothic yet edible.

Pizza maker Remo Tortola said he discovered black-dough pizza while attending a pizza school in Venice, Italy last year. He said it’s the latest ploy used by pizzerias to distinguish themselves from their competitors. “When I saw it, I said, ‘Wow, what is that?’ I like it. It’s a cool idea.”

Waitrose is the first big supermarket to jump on the charcoal bandwagon, bringing out a pizza made with charcoal dough and topped with porchetta, salami, marinated artichokes, sun soaked tomatoes, and olives.

The food-grade vegetable charcoal used in making the pizza doesn’t change the taste of the dough, Tortola said. Your eye can make you think you taste a hint of charcoal when you first try it but if you close your eyes it does taste the same as a regular crust.

It is trickier to cook because you can’t tell by the colour of the dough when it’s done.

However, the trend has since spread to other places around the world like Jakarta, Indonesia, Leeds, United Kingdoms, Sydney, Australia, and beyond and of course some parts of America.

Guess we should be looking forward to having the black pizza in this part of the world.