Coconut candy is really easy to make, the bulk of the work is grating the coconut that will be used for the snack.

What you need:

- 1 full coconut, complete with the juice

- Granulated sugar

- Water

- Grater and spatula

How to:

1. Crack the coconut, collect the juice and separate the coconut flesh from the shell.

2. Grate along the flesh of the coconut so as to get long pieces of coconut. Grating across the flesh will only give you a clumpy mass of coconut.

3. Pour the coconut juice and sugar into a pot and set to boil on medium heat. Stir.

4. Add in the grated coconut pieces and pour water to rise to the same level as the coconut. Stir thoroughly.

5. Stir continuously till the mixture becomes browner in colour.

6. Reduce or turn of the heat completely. At this stage, the sugar caramelises, making the contents stick closely together.

7. Transfer the hot coconut candy into a wide tray to cool. You can mould into ball or square shapes and store or serve as desired.