Yemi Alade is set to launch her first ever 'Yemi Alade Collection' on Bland2Glam.

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The pop singer announced she will roll out an exclusive range of exotic costume collection with the online jewellery retailer on November 5th 2015 revealing that the pieces off the collection are all inspired by her career and personality.

The award winning artiste revealed at a press conference held to announce the launch in Lagos yesterday October 5th 2015 describing the collection as a blend of African and Cosmopolitan; ‘Afropolitan’.

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"I am incredibly excited today, after a full year of planning it’s finally time to show you guys a sneak peek of what we have been up to! My first ever fashion collaboration with Bland2Glam! Soon we will get to finally unveil the love, innovation and all the hardwork that went into creating this collection. #YemiAladeCollection #YemiAladexBland2Glam" the excited star shared via her Instagram.

Alongside the 'YemiAlade Collection' launch is the ‘Get Mented’ initiative, an innovative mentorship network for girls and women across Nigeria which aims to provide a platform via which girls and women across Nigeria are given the opportunity to give and receive mentorship in vocational/career development, self-improvement, financial intelligence and intellectual development hence enabling them to pursue their dreams and achieve their goals.

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“With the Get Mented Initiative our primary aim is to primarily provide a virtual platform via which any accomplished woman (popular/not-so-popular) in the society can mentor and inspire any hardworking girl/woman that expresses her need for guidance and mentorship. We believe this platform will boost women’s contribution to the social and economic development of Nigeria.” Seyi Banigbe, Founder 'Get Mented' & Creative Director, Bland2Glam offered.

Proceeds from the 'Yemi Alade Collection' will go into the funding of the 'Get Mented' Initiative.

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Catch a video of Yemi Alade for Bland2Glam below.