Jumpsuits are versatile, they are  a must have wardrobe staple and they seem not to be going out of trend; at least not any time soon.

The jumpsuit is one hell of a banging glam understated fashion piece if styled perfectly. Jumpsuits can be worn in different ways and styled to suit any occasion, there is just not an occasion that the jumpsuit doesn't rise to!

Styling a jumpsuit for work can be a bit tricky but if gotten right, it screams sophistication, understated glam and definitely class.

A major piece that glams up the jumpsuit for work is the ultimate blazer. A blazer works wonders, transforming a playful, girly jumpsuit into exec glam and classy.

Accessorizing appropriately also helps glam up the jumpsuit, gorgeous pearls and neck-pieces work well with this.

it is necessary though, to consider the following when styling the jumpsuit:

Don't do matchy-matchy. You don't want to go all one colour, wearing a jumpsuit, mix and match colours (dark hues for work). for instance if you are wearing a brown jumpsuit, you could pair with a black or navy blue blazer or a brighter colour if your company allows, same goes for your bag and pumps. Mix things up a bit to look modern.

Cinched Waist. it is important to flatter you figure in a jumpsuit, otherwise you risk looking drab and uninteresting. You can define your waist with a belt or go for a jumpsuit that has an elasticated midsection or a band. Either way, define your waist so you look smart, proportional and not drown in your jumpsuit.

Proportion. For instance, if you are top- heavy, wear jumpsuits that have wide legs or are flowy and if you've got killer legs but a not so flat mid-section, opt for a 'blousy top' with slim legs.

You should note though that when styling jumpsuit for work, try as much as possible to stay moderate and don't go all loud colours, choose jumpsuits in neutral shades, no unusual or offensive designs/graphics (as much as possible stick to plain jumpsuits). Accessorize appropriately and rock the hell out of that jumpsuit!