Tomorrow is the last day of the year and it will be party central!

The new year brings so much hope, looking forward to new beginnings and nothing says you're ready for the year more than looking absolutely head-to-toe gorgeous when the clock strikes twelve on January 1, 2014 irrespective of where you are, church, home or the club.

You dont want to be caught entering the new year looking like you rolled out the bed, WEAR the clothes, when you look good, you feel good .

Here are some dashing outfit ideas to enter the new year in.

Tips for new year outfits:

1. Do not wear black shoes : Choose something with a bit more colour, have a playful twist to your outfit, black is classic but go for a pop of colour, animal print shoes, bedazzled Mary Janes too.  Dont forget to shave those legs, hairy legs ruin greats shoes.

2. Get Your nails done : Under no circumstances should you start a new year with chapped nail polish, if you are not up for a fancy manicure and pedicure, get it done yourself. No matter where you are, you'll feel good hugging or shaking people to say 'happy new year' with great looking fingernails.

3. Try something new : Whatever social activity you are going to be attending on New Years dress like you've never dressed before. Try something new, if you are a conservative dresser try something out of your regular zone like a monostrap gown.

4. Details : In picking your outfit really pay attention to the detailing, be sure it stands out. Try lace, sheer fabric,  sequins, beadings and even outfits with leather.