A suit is a badge of adulthood and maturity for all men. A suit also has the ability to exude personality. Here’s how ladies match a

There are different kinds of suits and different ways to wear them. Also, a lot of factors come to play in determining the kind of suit a man can afford and wear. In having some fun on a Friday evening, I took a poll among some ladies and asked what personality came to mind when they saw a man in a certain suit and here’s what they had to say:

The tuxedo man:

According to the ladies, the tuxedo is the highest form of class and elegance. They felt that a man in a well tailored tuxedo suit is probably very classy with a lot of money in the bank.

The double breasted man:

The double breasted suit is one of the most tailored types of suits out there and the ladies thought that a man in a double breasted suit is laidback but tasteful, extremely classy, stylish and fashion forward.

The three piece suit man:

This is the height of a professional dressing. On this one, the ladies were quite torn. One group of ladies thought the man in a three piece suit is fussy, detailed, fastidious, just vain, proud, hard to please. However, a few others thought he is traditional.

The midnight blue suit:

According to the ladies, the man in the midnight blue suit is very stylish and adventurous with style. They also classified him as non conventional or the opposite of  a three piece suit and fashionable.

The black suit man:

Finally, the black suit man conveyed the essence of safety, conservation and being the everyday man to the ladies. I think that may have to do with the simplistic and plain element of the color.