Regardless of how far

1. Simple belts:

A belt is meant to serve as a fastener and as such ties things together, rather than being a distraction. So stick to a solid colored leather belt and you should be good to go. For versatility purposes, you can try a belt with opposite black and brown sides.

2. Great shoes:

A great pair of shoes is an investment for any man, as it is a timeless piece that can be passed down from one generation to another, if well taken care of. Also, people say the first thing you noticed about a man are his shoes and if they look good, then he is good to go.

3. No logos:

Ditch the logo branded t-shirt. This isn't your 5th birthday party, where you are showing the whole world what superhero you stand for. Instead, get a plain t-shirt, with great fabrication and texture that can be versatile.

4. Fit is key:

The fit of anything you put on your body is extremely important. No matter what, make sure that it doesn’t lack in shaping your exact frame. Also, when you wear anything that fits great, it means you are the sort of person who pays attention to detail.