Tapping top model Kelvin Godson who fills pieces well enough to justify the tailoring! The model wears each look fitted to perfection. The striking pieces easily stood out against the lego-brick inspired background.

Chronicling the collection against the creative director; Femi Adeyemi's personal experiences, the brand employs rich colours on opposite charts to create a fine blend of modern looks.

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I like a bit of bold display/a dash vibrant colour on a man's piece when fully dressed up (so it's not style as usual) and Femy Toys brings this balanced mix and on some he went all out gentlemanly suave but bold and what is style without experimenting?

Set against a brick background, the menswear brand shows off offerings well on a muse that fits into each piece like a glove. The slim fit jackets, a sartorial take on double breasted piece, the delicious white piece (one of my favourite looks), more grey with a rustic edge found their way into the collection.

The three piece black suit done almost trendy meets classic was a winner, the bold pinstripe, the checkered duster (and the bold red look under it was a winning piece), the velvet and jacquard tuxedos were some of my favourites amongst other pieces.

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FemyToys' fine blend of patterns/cuts, colour and styling without losing that classic bit that comes with his tailoring comes to play again for this collection that he gets better with. The hues are somewhat unexpected (but works)!

There's a smooth eclectic transition from the palest greys to white and then back to grey, then black and suddenly maroon, then the cycle goes.

For the stunning blend of colours, tailoring that is good enough and styling that works brilliant, FemyToys does the 'Charcoal' Wet 2017 Collection great and upped the ante on this one!