Recently, menswear in Nigeria has moved from taking a back seat to the forefront of the fashion industry.

A number of menswear fashion designers have emerged with a transformation of the traditional Nigerian man into a more modern man with ties to his culture.

Towing that line, T.I Nathan’s Soliloquy collection is a stand out collection. His collection features prominent colors of red, black and white. The cuts and silhouettes are also quite contemporary and modern with rich textures and patterns.

His collection, however, isn’t just a number of pieces, rather, it is an expression of musings. According to the brand, “The Soliloquy collection is an art that expresses both love and heartbreak. It takes these two ironical factors and blends them into one to form the perfect muse. It is a compilation of the creative's feelings and experiences during the duration of the collection.”

The brand breaks the collection down in two different ways:

The Man In Roses: Deep down I have succumb to the weird feel of love, slowly the butterflies in my stomach are becoming a normality. Exploring the sides of the roses, I take every curve with care and caution hoping not to trip over any edges. The more I try so hard the more I get cut by the thorns of emotional clarity, the more I logically make my way through the maze the more I get lost. I have come to understand that my affiliated pleasure with roses is an expression of those walks through the maze of love and the falling of cupid arrows.

Bleeding Through One Beat: The chamber releases and with a single swift slice, the bullet tears through my flesh, ripping it's way through my heart. My shirt stained in blood, dripping in my inequities and imperfections. The pain exhausting beyond embrace. I gave my self to this demise, I feel into her arms just to feel her touch once more, to desire her lust, now she has left me for dead again.

The collection is a beautiful adventure through the maze of love and heartbreak. The feelings derived from the experiences from these two factors. It is also a self reflection of one's aftermath. As the name implies the Soliloquy collection is understanding one’s self and emotions.”

Photographer- @ogoh_clem

Stylist- @magpayne1

MUA- @beautybybellamere_

Words by @chukwukanwobi

Shoes by @monimorganshoes

Models - @seunlogan @princessodio and Erezi.