Just as men find it difficult to shop for women, women find it equally tedious doing so for men because they aren’t into make up, shoes and what not like they are. Choosing the right present for your man also involves studying him, don't just go buying what you think is general to all men.

Employing his friends to help you pick a present is also a wise move, on the condition that they dont ruin the surprise.

Here are a list of gift ideas to get your man. He’s sure to like one of them.

1. Night wear : Get your man designer pyjamas or robes, he will look great even when he is dressed down and ready for bed.

2.  Monogrammed wallet :Get him an authentic leather wallet in a neutral colour with his initials embossed into it, he’ll love it especially since its from you.

3. Cuff links : Men can never have too many cufflinks, get him a new pair, one that is unique and eye catching, when he wears them he’ll think of you.

4.Cologne : Pick exotic smells for him this festive season, think Hermes, Creed, Chanel.

5. Apple Tv:This will allow him to play content on his iPhone or iPad. Even if he is not a crazy Apple fan, he’ll love Apple Tv. He gets to watch his favourite shows and sports in High Definition (HD)

6. Headphones: They are a great present for your man. go for something rare and not as mainstream, the likes of  Bang and Olufsen or Bose.

7.Video games : If your boo is into video games get him not less that 5 games for his video console because anything less seems scanty. Ask his friends what game he has been talking about but doesn't have yet, go through his stash, go online to scout for games he may like.

8. Decanter set: This is a very classy gift for him, especially if he likes to drink fine scotch and whiskey.He will appreciate a personalized set with the first letter of his name.

9. Ankara clothes: If your man is really into wearing traditional outfits,in his absence sneak away one of his ‘buba’ and ‘sokoto’ , buy different types of fabric and give to a tailor who you’re sure wont disappoint. This way he can have new outfits without even having to visit a tailor for measurements.