Fashion hacks are lifesavers as they are quick fixes for loads of things and when they work for style pieces, even perfect.

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Most times, simple tips and tricks work to make styling, makeup (and day to day living) etc more bearable as well as not getting pesky over little things that could have been easily fixed.

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Check out more fashion hacks to keep your style pieces in perfect shape:

1. To Iron button down shirts

When ironing a button down shirt, flip inside out so that iron can glide smoothly over the button areas (since its reverse, ironing is smoother)

2. Ironing the collar

To iron creased collar evenly/smoothly use your hair straightener!

3. To remove stale/thrift clothing smells

Spritz/Spray a mix of one part of vodka and two parts of water on the clothing item

4.  White wine for red wine stains

To remove red wine stains on clothes, soak a piece of cloth in white wine and gently blot off the red wine stains.

5. Remove scratches from leather bag

Apply moisturizer using a q-tip to the scratched areas on the bag, rubbing it in till the scratch fades.