One of the many upsides of being female is that you don't get to just wear clothes designed for ladies, you can decide to venture into your boyfriends closet and you’ll find something to wear and still step out looking chic.

Being female doesn't always mean wearing florals and neons and figure hugging dresses and stilettos. Change it up a bit, Try shopping in the guys section next time you are out to experiment a new look.

Here are some key items to ace the androgynous trend

* Its important to note that the major element in dressing like a guy, is keeping elements that still show off your feminine side like accessories and maybe even sheer clothing. Except you are going for a full on tomboy appearance with sagging jeans, oversized hoodies and sneakers.

1. Baggy/boyfriend jeans : Ditch skinnys and bell shaped denim, go for loose fitting ones like boyfriend jeans, to add a bit more edge to the look, find distressed denim with slashes and patches. Pair the jeans with a cropped top.

2. Sneakers : Stilettos are to ladies as sneakers are to guys right? Wrong. ladies too can rock sneakers, in fact even better than guys. Team your sneakers with shorts and oversized Tee and you’re good to go.

3. Baseball hat: While hair bands are left to the ladies the guys rock their baseball hats, this doesnt stop ladies from following the trend. Rihanna is a great style icon when it comes to wearing baseball caps, it doesn't always have to be worn the conventional way; visor to the front you can rotate it. Wear your baseball cap with huge earrings to give it some flavour and of course to avoid being mistaken for a guy.

4. Tuxedo Suit : And just like that, ladies snatched up suits from guys too. Ladies have been known to rock tuxedo suits and oversized blazers too. Its a great look if pulled off correctly, unlike men ladies get to style it up with red lipstick, stilettos, jewelry and of course the silhouette of lady curves. No one rocks the suit like singer Janelle Monae!

5. Baseball jackets : Unlike blazers that can be worn with about anything, a little more caution is required in wearing the baseball jacket. The key to wearing a baseball jacket is remembering the key pieces that still show off your feminine side. it can be paired with a pencil skirt like Kim Kardashian, its an incredible look. Shorts and skinnies also work under baseball jackets, whether with stilettos of your favourite pair of Converse sneakers.

Other androgynous trends to try are : The Oxfords, waits coats and suspenders.