The times are changing people! Who says the leader of the free world can’t have fun too and look good while doing it.

President Obama is at his annual family vacation in Hawaii, where he's engaging in fun activities like playing golf and not worrying about the issues of America.

When Obama isn’t looking prim and proper on the cover of magazines and talk shows, the powerful leader is donning some less than dressy looks, such as dad jeans.

However, the recent pictures of Obama on vacation have us rejoicing. He seems to nail the modern dad look. His look is a blend of casual and athletic with his long-sleeve Nike Dri-Fit and white Sox dad cap and it works together so well.

It seems as though the president landed a Nike contract, as his golf outfit wasn’t so bad either with his tonal polo and his shorts. We wonder if we’ll see our Nigerian leaders looking quite nice too. Let us know what you think of Obama’s look.