The fashion enthusiast and menswear style blogger notes that some unisex pieces can be styled to perfection!

"Fashion evolves, we all probably know that, in every facet, but what's the most important thing is Styling. Although, I wouldn't wear Rompers, there are some Unisex pieces that if styled to perfection, would look just as great as any exclusive men's wear piece" Akin Faminu shares.

He styles the Unisex Shirt Dress from Nigerian Fashion brand, JFT Clothing's SS17 BASIC Collection interpreting the look infusing his crisp and clean personal style into the piece.

"When you have the task of styling a Unisex Shirt Dress as a guy, what are the things that should come to mind?  Unisex in this context means clothing that's designed to be suitable for both sexes, so if it should be suitable for a guy, what's the closest exclusive men's wear to it and how would you style it? This led me to think of our very own African KAFTAN on guys? Now I'm thinking African.

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Next step is to move to the actual styling. I'm a huge respecter of details in styling, everything matters I believe. I know if I'm wearing a Kaftan, I'd love to wear a cap with it, the interpretation being that it's also appropriate for this look, and since the piece is plain, a patterned cap would do just fine.

On accessories; talking about details, I decided to use a neck piece courtesy of my collaboration with the brand @westbrookbracelets and also a pair of plain black sun shades by @haute.signatures to give the look a more sophisticated edge. Piece by Piece guys, we have styled a "Unisex Shirt Dress" and it looked NOTHING like a dress .. The Limitless Power of Styling!" Faminu breaks down the styling details.

What's your take on styling unisex pieces? Would you do Akin Faminu's way guys?