The team at Laugh or yawn have the most popular Skelewu video on youtube at the moment and they add some spice to it!  From the street corner to an uncompleted toilet, it’s a must watch!

We are not sure this is Skelewu, but this girl sure knows how to move in bum shorts! Dovee Chase takes on Skelewu!

These guys recruit everyone in the area to Skelewu, and we love the little girl in pink!

Da Uniq Steppers are not here to play!

Break dance, moonwalking and Skelewu! Saam impresses with his version of Skelewu!

Its Monday morning at the office and Onochie is standing on a chair trying to win 3, 000 dollars!

We are not sure where Chinyere shot this video, we just know it could have been outside a restroom, in a hostel. No comments

Watch the instructional video here;