It is important to know that as much as make-up is necessary to improve a lady's appearance some make-up items are actually must haves even when some have run out or can be done without, some cannot just be done without.

There is a list of make-up items a lady should never be without; it is just ladylike to have them, check out the list and tell us where you are guilty!

1) Lipstick.

Lipsticks are signatures, the instantly transform your face. You can play around shades for different looks. Buy here

2) Lip-gloss/ Lip-stain

A lip-gloss or lip-stain is absolutely a beauty must have, go with neutral shades for a subtle look. Shop here

3) Concealer

A concealer is necessary to perfectly cover any blemish, you shouldn't do without it if your skin isn't flawless. Shop here

4) Powder (Pressed or Loose)

Of course you cant leave the house with such shiny face, dab a bit of powder on. Shop here

5) The Pencils- (Lip-liner and Eyeliner in the least)

You should have pencils-for the eyes and lips- retractible ones or those you sharpen. Get it here

6) Foundation

The foundation is that smooth canvas which makes the entire make-up look 'good'. It should form part of your make-up routine. Get it here

7) Mascara

Mascara helps define, elongate and makes lashes appear fuller which in turn makes your face pop. Get it here

8) Blush

A blush in your colours gives your cheekbones some life. Shop for it here

9) Eyeshadow

Shop for eyeshadow here

These beauty items are necessary for every day use, they should never be passed on. Now that you have checked the list, get shopping.