Fitness has quickly become a  lifestyle and some devote a lot of time to yoga as their fitness routine, but these people take fitness to a whole new level.

In Moab, Utah, this yoga spectacle takes its show on the road, this time, 600 feet up. This entertainment stunt was paid for by Trimr, a water bottle company, very excited about design.

Titled ‘Asamprajnata’ (The highest state of super-consciousness. Completely detaching from external stimuli coming to a full realization of the self, where the mind is completely stilled and reality is experienced). This is assuming these folks have reached the highest level of samadhi, which, is said to be basically impossible in this life.

Yoga has been used in several adverts in recent days, but never as dramatically as this or at the risk of head standing to your doom. Maybe there’s an additional weight loss to be gained from doing your yoga 600 feet from the ground.

Although there are speculations as to the relationship between yoga and water bottles, this goes a long way to show that some people take their fitness very seriously.

Whatever the case maybe, yoga is useful in lots of ways (away from edges though) and should be taken as such.

Not to put a damper on the craziness of this stunt, this should inspire you to work out more and stay fit just do it with your feet touching the ground. Not earth, but ground.