Keeping a beard seems to have become all the rage in recent time. Whats more? The ladies are digging it. Some say it’s a sign of maturity, others see a bearded guy as a mans man. In other words, a real man.

We decided to get some tips for those aspiring to get a beard, from some of the successful beard growers.

Here are some things you would need for a start:


– Korres Shampoo

– Murdock Bear Moisturiser (conditioner)

– Murdock pre-sahve oil

Its always good to keep things relatively simple. Some say they trim their moustaches using personal clippers on a weekly basis. Others shave the underside of their neck after a sugar and olive oil scrub (secret recipe). This keeps the neck clean, smooth and bump free. The beard itself can be trimmed using a pair of scissors, after which, you can wet it and apply leave-in conditioner, then wash out after an hour. You can  use a simple soft bristled brush on it every morning after applying some hair tonic to prevent's advised that if you can't cope with the demands of taking care of a beard, don’t force it.

Go to your  barber every week for a lining and get a light trim every three weeks or so. Use organix oil mist to add moisture & always keep a bread comb with you to keep it neat. Organic tea tree oil can also be used to keep the hair healthy and to prevent bumps.

Grooming tips:

– wash everyday

– oil everyday

– condition every other day

– brush and comb all day everyday

– don't trim with clippers, use scissors