Miss Curvaceous' mission was to empower women of a certain size and to boost their self-esteem and Behind it all, the pageant had a very important goal and that was to eradicate any form of women abuse and body shaming. 

1. How did you come about the idea of Miss Curvaceous?

I would say by looking at the industry and the platform I created thus far. Women in the middle are yet to be given platform and what I mean is that, as a skinny model/woman you have a place in the industry and same goes to plus-size but there’s nothing for curvy women like Ini Edo, Mercy Johnson, Anita Joseph to mention few. We have millions of women out there who can relate with the above mentioned celebrity. Don't forget majority of African women are not skinny.

2. Why do you want to promote such when it is believed that modelling is actually for skinny people?

Modeling is not for skinny people, modeling is for all. Modeling is for skinny, curvaceous and plus size. Our target is let our audience knows the different between the skinny , curvy and plus size and that there is room for all to co-exist.

3. What are the plans to get the winner to the desired pageantry achievements? 

We are currently working with an international designer who will be one of our designers at the grand finale, she’s an American- based designer and believes in our vision. We are also going to collaborate with different brands who will work with the winner as their brand ambassador. We also going to work with different fashion houses and magazines for more visibility for the winner.

4. What does the winner receive? 

Winner wins, $10k, furnished apartment at Lekki, a car and endorsement.

5. We have seen beauty pageants started and later failed, how do you intend to sustain this pageant?

This is because Miss Curvaceous is not just a pageant, it is the first pageant in the world to be staged via a reality show and through that, their talents will be discovered and the contestants will have a chance to actually discover themselves and theirs strength through the tasks and challenges they will face during their stay in house.

In addition, this pageant is to empower youth and raise awareness against any form of women abuse . 

6. What brought about your passion for creating Miss Curvaceous?

As man, I got my passion through my late mother, May her soul continue to rest on peace. I love you Mama. She thought me how to treat and respect women and she made it clear to me that women are to treated like eggs.

One of my quotes says “To build a nation build a woman". So when we build a woman she can become a person that changes the world. 

7. What core values does Miss Curvaceous represent?

This is a brand that stand against any form of women abuse and we do not believe in favouritism and therefore, discipline is the order of the day in our pageant and no contestants can say she has experience such or will experience such.