Clogged pores are not healthy for the facial skin; they make the skin look dull and eventually causes breakouts/ blackheads. It is important to unclog the skin pores especially after a day of dust, smoke and other pollutants which are equally bad for the skin.

There are steps to guide you for unclogging your pores as often as necessary to give you a fresher and nicer looking skin.

The Wash

It is advisable to wash the face properly (twice is required; the first wash takes off the dirt on the surface of the skin while the second wash cleans a little deeper into the skin) at the end of the day to take off the day’s make-up and every other dirt like smoke and dust that may have gathered on the face during the day. It is necessary to use a deep cleaning facial bar so that the skin is clean afterwards. Where one gets too lazy to wash, deep cleaning facial wipes could come in handy.

Facial bars with alcohol and other harsh chemicals should be avoided as this could dry out the skin which ends up irritating it.

The Cleanse

A good deep cleanser should be used to remove all the other dirts and grits that a facial bar cannot reach. It is equally important to use a deep pore cleanser, they clean beneath the surface of the skin and helps clear/open the pores. A good facial cleanser should be used twice daily in the morning and evenings.

The Facial Mask

A facial mask should be used at least once a week. The facial mask is uausally used to remove blackheads and open up the pores.

It gives a smooth/ fresh/ relaxing feel to the skin afterwards. The facial mask sucks out impurities from the skin and should become a habit as it does the facial skin a lot of good.


This can be done at home or at the salon/spa. At home you boil some water, once it is hot enough to start producing steam, pour it inside a bowl, cover your head with a towel and lean over the steam directed to your face for ten minutes to allow the steam soak into your face and pores, this opens up the pore.

You can add tea tree oil to the water to help treat acne.


You can exfoliate with a facial brush; body brushes are usually too harsh on the facial skin. Start with a clean face, rinse your face and dry with a clean towel. Gently brush your face, using small circular motions. Be careful with the skin around the eyes because they are thin and fragile. When done, rinse with cool water and apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer.

You can also exfoliate with a good facial scrub instead of a facial brush.

The Facial Massage

Taking out time for a facial massage is usually very relaxing and rewarding (hey you get the fresher, dewy skin). Once in a while a visit to the salon or spa for a facial massage will do the face a lot of good. It relaxes and opens up the pore and this definitely allows products work a lot better!