Hollywood actress, Selma Hayek reveals the one multi-purpose secret to skin care, which we all have in our kitchens but are blind to its miraculous use.

After her daughter, Valentina accidentally burned her entire arm when she was 1, this was the same secret remedy she used that worked all the miracle she needed.

Selma said, "The best thing is to whip egg whites and apply it to the burn — it takes away the pain and prevents the skin from blistering".

She used this remedy on her daughter, who was completely cured and doesn't have a single scar.

"The doctor didn't believe me," she laughed. "He thought we were going to have a real situation."

She also uses a natural treatment to brighten dark patches of skin (like elbows or knees).

"Mix peroxide, baking soda, glycerin, lemon, and salt, and scrub it into that area," she advised. "It's going to itch a little, but let it sit for some time, and then wash it off."

Who knew eggs could be so much more than hard boiled or fried?