Thinking about the house I grew in between the time I was 5-7 years; I just realized my addiction for sweet things has been existing for at least, 95% of my lifetime.

My mother had a store, where she kept sweets and biscuits, in packets and cartons.

At that age, that place was my mini-heaven. It had a key, of course, but sometimes, mama will forget to hide the key when she goes to work. I learned to punch a hole so tiny in those packets, just to steal some.

My mind goes back to one of the days that my sister and I gained access while she was at work. We saw bottles of ‘tomato ketchup’ , I thought to myself that it could be another soft drink so we drank a bottle each.

At about 2:00 a.m. on that fateful morning, we woke up at the same time and began to vomit, it was a nightmarish moment. Over 40 years later, I still can’t bring myself to taste tomato ketchup.

We had drinks and sweets every day and special treats on Sunday. I was addicted to Coca-Cola drink in primary school, however, I took it to another dimension in secondary school, where I could buy as many, whenever I wanted, so long as I could afford it.

Soon I was able to consume 7 bottles a day (not with my money though, my mother was selling and I had mastered the art of taking from the crates at the bottom.)

People talk of delayed gratification, but I chose delayed punishment (LOL). Once my mother called out my name in high pitch, I knew she had gotten to the crates at the bottom. LOL!

So there I was, a budding teenager who hated fruits and veggies, loved soda, especially Coca-Cola, and eggs, fried, (does that not sound like our children?)

My favorite meal was fried yam and omelet with bacon and sausage. It was basically GARBAGE in.  And I will like to think that I was healthy, although experts will disagree.

I base my conviction on the fact that I hardly fell ill except for malaria, a couple of times right through my days in school.

So I got married, had children and still continued feeding my body with garbage. No medical situation, isn’t that amazing? So what happened?

I can’t really say, but I know when it happened. I was just about crossing the big four-0…. and bam! Tests, scans, hospital visits, Doctor’s advice, which sounded in my ears like a threat, LOL… ALL THE GARBAGE IN, WANTED OUT!

So what next? Sober reflection, solemn moments and a decision that will change my lifestyle completely.

I have finally come to love smoothies, juicing fruits and vegetables. I have chosen to depart from refined sugar [I first thought that I will just die and not pull through , but this body ehn, is like the average relationship, it will conform to the mold you form.]

This change over is because I  became concerned about life. You see as a teenager I didn’t really care if I lived or died, but now I want to live, not just long but well, very well.

And so should you, after all ‘you only live once.’ Make sure u 'audit'your diet account today, and make the required changes.

We will talk about juicing soon! gud to talk!