Foundation makes the rest of the makeup look come together just perfectly but only if you are applying it correctly.

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From choosing the perfect tone, application and working the product into the skin, foundation is a part of makeup that its application should be perfected.

With tips to achieve the perfect foundation application including using your fingers, making sure to build up the product gradually on the face and more with ranges as light, medium and full coverage to choose from whether liquid, cream or matte foundations, the tips are helpful.

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Pointing out using colour corrector if you have dark spots/scars to lighten on your face instead of piling on the foundation, choose foundation that matches your skintone instead of the 'ashy' or 'orange-ish' ones, they list is endless.

Revered beauty blogger Jackie Aina put together tips and trick to make application way better and they are brilliant, watch and learn in the shirt clip above.