The makeup brush (and other makeup applicators) should be cleaned often, kept fresh and free from bacteria to avoid breakouts, blemishes etc of any kind. In situations where the brushes are reused over and over, products build up on them creating perfect breeding ground for bacteria that works to clog the pores resulting in blemishes on the facial skin.

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Makeup brushes should be cleaned often as leaving them riddled with dirts can not only cause blemishes but even more serious breakouts on the skin. In a short video, beauty vlogger shows just how to wash makeup brushes using household items and your hands (of course!).

To clean the brushes, she used shampoo to get out the grease and grimes, olive oil to condition and soften the brushes and lemon grass oil for a crisp smell after washing.

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1. Mix equal parts of shampoo, olive oil and lemon grass oil in a bowl

2. Dampen the brush(es) a bit with water and dip in the brushes one after the other in the mix.

3. Swirl brush on the palm to work up lather and clean (run the brushes over your fingers to get the dirt out..) in gentle circular motions.

4. Squeeze out the excess lather at intervals and continue swirling in the palm to get dirt out

5. Rinse the brushes under cold running water upside down (so water doesn't get into the handle and destroy it)

6. Spread the brushes out on a flat surface to airdry naturally.