You’ve probably seen “oil-free” labels on various moisturizers, foundations and powders when you hit the cosmetics aisle but should it really be a concern?

The answer is yes, take note of the stamp, primarily if you have sensitive skin or adult acne.

“We have to think about skin in terms three types,” says Gary Goldenberg, M.D., a dermatologist at The Mount Sinai Hospital.

“Some people have oily skin, some have dry skin, and some have combination or normal skin. For those with dry skin, oil can help, but for virtually everyone else, I recommend oil-free products, because anyone can get clogged pores.” He says.

Oil can also lead to exacerbating blemishes and breakouts.

In fact, unless you're suffering from a skin condition like psoriasis or eczema, which oil-based products and lotions can help soothe.

"More oil is going to make problems worse,” he says.

This is especially important to remember in a day and age where beauty oils are so popular.

“A lot of people are using oils, because they think they need them to keep skin hydrated,” he says. “But that’s why it’s important to use a moisturizer.”

A good moisturizer.

Do you need to go oil-free though? Not necessarily.

Goldenberg says that if you’ve never thought about what beauty products might be causing breakouts, because you’re basically blemish-free, t’s not a problem.

However, if you are dealing with spots and dots, start checking the labels and switch to oil-free incarnations if you notice that wearing your makeup from day to night, or from the gym to drinks, is leading to breakouts.

You’ll likely save your skin some serious hassle.

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