The lips deserve as much attention as the rest of the face; if not much more! The lips are meant to be as inviting and as irresistible. The lips ‘speak’ a lot, oh and they do so much more! So they should be cared for as much as possible.

Apply lip balms, lip stains and lip glosses are equally as attractive as applying lip sticks as the latter help moisturize, deeply condition and soften the lips.

There are favourite ones we swear by especially this harmattan season; they are must haves.


Carmex moisturizing lip balm is a deeply moisturizing lip balm, it conditions and nourishes and comes with sun protection. That means you get a well moisturized lips plus sun protection; how fabulous is that!

Sleek Pout Polish

Sleek pout polish is just the best way to get deeply conditioned lips plus bursts of colour all in one package. Go for colours that go with your skin tone, they have different tones to pick from. They are a lady’s best companion for every season!

Kayge Lip-gloss

Kayge lip-gloss is a perfect companion this season and beyond. The nourishing lip-gloss comes in tons of beautiful colours, it is deeply moisturizing and conditions. It is a perfect choice.

NYX Colour Lip Balm

The NYX colour lip balm is a make-up must have; this season and always. It is rich and absolutely works for the lips.

Mary Kay 'Nourishine' Plus Lip gloss.

The Mary Kay nourishing gloss never gets old. It is understated but works fabulously; It is perfect for all season and deeply conditions the lips. It is a must have this season and you have an array of colours to choose from.