Kylie Jenner is sharing even more new year resolutions and it includes toning down her provocative and makeup looks!

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The reality star known for her signature pout, heavy makeup looks and coloured tresses revealed she would be more toned down in 2016 as she's going for a subtle and more natural look this year.

"I feel like 2016, everyone’s on the natural wave, at least me and my friends. I just want to take my nails off, no hair, no make-up. It’s too much to maintain, sometimes. It’s hard being a girl" Kylie Jenner revealed.

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The 18-year-old spoke about her resolutions in a video chat on her stating friends and family make top priorities in her life this year. She also revealed more lines will be added to her budding cosmetic /lipkit line in February.

"What I want to accomplish for 2016 is a successful make-up line. I'm really feeling like this is my thing and I have my colors coming out hopefully the end of January or beginning of February and I'll update you guys on the date.

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"This year's vibe is realizing stuff and just coming into your own and finding yourself" the reality star offered about her plans for 2016.