The year is set to wrap and it's a time people highlight/go over everything that has happened over the year where they consciously and unconsciously make a mental notes of losses and gains.

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Exploring fitness, motivation, meditation, yoga, hints at healthy living and more in a new video where he captures the essence of life or what should be and how it's being missed by many.

The emotive video titled 'Believe' is perfect around the time where there should be a reassurance/hope of a better 2017!

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“It is only through the experience of our senses that we truly gain wisdom. It is only through adversity and challenge that we get to understand who we are deep down”; Kayode Fahm reveals. He also shares the best way is to "face our demons, our fears, and leave our comfort zone as well as being disciplined and dedicated. We have to believe”. He mentioned in the inspiring video.

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In this video, Fahm uses serene locations and meditation music pass on the message while showing off his martial arts skills. The fitness enthusiast only just released a martial arts video alongside Bobby Rak.