Finding the best mascara isn’t always easy, as much as possible we want one that provides the perfect volume and length and one that will not run and when we eventually do, it gets frustrating if it doesn’t turn out to be what we hoped for!

There are things to note when applying our mascara so we will get our desired result; perfect lashes!

Stop Applying Too Many Coats

Most ladies make this mistake, they keep coating the mascara in the hope that it gives more length and volume to the lashes but in the real sense, it clumps them. The more coats to apply to the lashes, the more unnatural you look and the clumpy look is not attractive. If you don’t get your desired lashes in a swipe of mascara, consider switching to a thicker brand of mascara.

Don’t Pump The Wand

This is a common mistake almost everyone makes. Never pump the wand, when you pump your mascara wand to get more of the product, you are introducing air into the tube which slowly dries out your mascara/thickens it  and makes it clumpy, when you apply this over time to the lashes, they flake off, you will actually be able to ‘remove’ them in bits and pieces from your lashes.

If you want a second coat by all means, just dip in the wand once, if you cant get product out that way you’ve probably run out or it finally dried up.

Don’t Coat Only The Tips Of Your Lashes

Its funny but some people swipe mascara only on the ends of the lashes. You wont achieve your beauty fix this way, if you want full length lashes with volume, swipe all the way from the roots of the lashes to the end wiggling the wand of the mascara for intensity and to give lashes the extra lift you desire.

Replace Your Mascara Often

You should try as much as possible to change your mascara after every three months, even if the mascara was used only once this should be enforced. After three months, there is a possibility that bacteria will/is growing on the wand and inside the tune (which you unfortunately cannot see). This usually causes itchy or red eyes; anything that gets close to the eyes should be carefully monitored and extra care taken.

Don’t Smudge On The Lids

Sometimes when we are in a rush, we apply the mascara too hard and too fast and brush past the lashes and onto the eye lids. This gives a weird look, as much as possible, apply mascara correctly to achieve the intended look, it only takes a few seconds.