100 years ago, women were barely even breaking a sweat during their fitness routines unlike we see in recent times, as women have become more enlightened, hence more challenging routines.

UK-based healthcare society Benenden Healthcare released a video to celebrate over 100 years of service, and the under-two-minute video shows a woman demonstrating fitness movements of each decade since 1910.

From the dainty stretches of the 1920s to the "trim twist" of the 1960s, it's fascinating to see the fitness routines that have come and gone.

Seeing the evolution of women's workouts is just as interesting as seeing how hair and makeup trends have changed over 100 years — so much has changed in the way women live out their daily routines.

Those early 20th century exercises sure look easy, but we're happy to stick to our current favorites, like flat-belly yoga and do-anywhere cardio workouts.