Applying eyeliner gives ‘life’ to your face. The eyeliner has a way of accentuating your face either when applied in the smokey eye or the classic cat eye style so it’s a very important make-up step you don’t want to leave your home without.

Applying eyeliner can be quite tricky if care is not taken, but below are tricks to help when applying your liner so you do not end up with a messed up make-up/look.

1.  Always Use A foundation.

Applying foundation is key for a smooth make-up application, here it helps the eyeliner stay in place for a longer period and also prevents it from smudging. You should never skip your foundation to ensure your eyeliner stays in place.

2.  Perfectly Tamed Eyebrows.

Perfectly tamed eyebrows are an accessory to the face. Make sure they are always neatly plucked and filled where necessary. If you will fill your eyebrow, do not use a dark colour so you won’t draw attention away from your eyes.

3.   Accentuate your eyes.

Naturally, applying eyeliner gives your eyes a bigger effect. If you want to achieve a bigger eyes effect, apply a thin line of the eyeshadow on the outer corners of your eyes, applying thick strokes is equally good to achieve a set of well-defined eyes, but a longer thin line complements most faces more.

4.  Do the trendy

For a stylish et trendy look, skip an eyelid, apply eyeliner on the outer line of just the upper or lower eyelid (don’t do both). You can finish this off with a fresh look by applying a thin line of colour on the outer line of the lower eyelid, you a neutral colour.

5.   Smudge it yourself.

Smudging your eyeliner gives an amazing effect. It may seem a bit messy but if you know how to…… it, you will end up loving it.

For instance, instead of wiping off an uneven line, smudge it with a soft flat brush then add use a blue or dark black eyeshadow to set off a refined look; This should be applied on top of the eyeliner.