It is quite common to see women outlive their husbands, why? you may ask.

This is probably because of estrogen, the hormone that controls the female reproductive cycle, according to he the Stanford scientists, who shared their findings in the journal Cell Stem Cell.

One study states that estrogen has been shown to increase the number of blood stem cells in female mice, ultimately boosting the “regenerative capacity” of stem cells in the brain, while another study discovered that male mice lived longer with the help of estrogen supplements.

Another research from the Boston University School of Medicine shows that women who conceive children after the age of 33 have a higher chance of living extra years compared to women who gave birth to their last child before turning 30.

Walter M. Bortz II, MD, a clinical professor of medicine at Stanford University School of Medicine and author of Dare To Be 100, also feels that Mother Nature plays a pivotal role in keeping women around longer.

“Nature puts a higher premium on the female species because they’re around for the duration, while men are there for the moment,” he tells Yahoo Health.

I guess we have another reason to be thankful for our sex.