According to Maher Yaqoub, an Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) consultant, various sources of noise have direct and negative impacts on the psychological and mental health of people.

A psychiatrist and neurological diseases specialist, Alaa Al-Tabai’, said: “noise has negative impacts on the physiological, health, and psychological performance of humans.”

He went on to add that noise affects the human nervous system if it continues for a long time and at the same frequency.

This probably explains the increase in mentally unstable people in Nigeria, especially in over populated cities like Lagos, where there is so much noise pollution.

On the effect of noise on the mental health of children, psychiatrist Nora Salman said: “psychological studies have shown that noise has great impacts on the intellectual development of children; moreover, sensitive children may suffer from horror and panic after being exposed to noise.”

She added, “stress affects the mental state of individuals, and it can manifest in various forms of panic, anxiety, confusion, lack of concentration, fatigue, and depression.”

Maher Yaqoub also said there have been recent studies on the noise’s impact on human health and these have shown a fast decline in hearing levels of the public while there have been an increase in the means of modern communication.

Who knew noise pollution could impact our mental health negatively?

What do you think about this?