We ladies have an uncanny habit of 'beefing' with better clothes, accessories or makeup. Instead of burning much need energy on these petty feelings, why not do your research to help you look just like them or even better.

Jcrew is reputable for producing some of the most alluring models, especially when it comes to perfect makeup. We decided to coin some of the legendary make up tips just for you.

So if you were worried about havng to do tons of research, relax. You need not look any further.

Here are some super tips straight from the horses mouth, on how to look just like the popular Jcrew models we all envy.


1. Prime skin with a mix of Foundation Primer and moisturizer, applying evenly over the entire face. 2. Touch up under the eyes, and wherever needed, for a smooth, even finish. 3. Dab Colour in Peony high on the outer cheekbones.4. Apply in a C-shape, starting at the temple and working along the cheekbone for extra definition.


1. Apply liberally over the entire eyelid and inner corners of the eyes.2. Curl lashes and apply one coat to the top lashes only.3. Fill in brows as needed, then brush upward using a clear brow gel.


1. Make sure lips are well moisturized by applying a generous dose of lip balm. 2. Dab at the bow of the lips.3. Colour the entire mouth with your lipstick and blot with a tissue.4. Apply extra lip colour to the top and bottom lip at the centre of the mouth to create a gradient effect.


1. Blow-dry hair using hair mist spray. Use a round brush to add volume at the roots.2. Work styling cream through the hair to build body and texture.3. Sweep hair loosely back and tie in a low ponytail, securing any flyaways with bobby pins (make sure there is volume at the front, with the hair at the sides closer to the head).4. Gently twist hair at the nape of the neck and coil it counterclockwise into a bun.5. Pin hair on either side of the bun, allowing loose wisps to escape.6. Spray all over with hair spray to hold it in place.