Considering that this weather is all sunshine and light breezes, these colours are bound to get you noticed.

You might want to pen down the name of these products for the ultimate effect, but if not, just look out for these colours and try them on.

Here are the nail polish colours and why you should try them out.


This take on hot pink has cool lavender undertones that make it elegant. It explains why magenta was the manicure of choice on spring runways, including Chanel's.

If your skin is fair, choose a bright magenta, like Hot Pink Rage; if your complexion is olive or dark, look for deeper purple-pinks, such as Orchid Me Not.


What could be more appropriate for warmer weather than nails that are the color of fresh tropical juice, bright orange with a hint of pink? You could try Tiddly, Linsey Salmon and Enflammée.

The brightest of the three and gorgeous against dark skin.

Indigo blue

A hint of purple makes this blue an edgy update on the cobalt and navy manicures you've probably seen everywhere over the last year. Try OPI, Eurso Euro and I Know What Boys Like.

Seafoam green

This is the vacation version of a goes-with-everything neutral. Pale mint is soft enough to work with your brightest bikini. Try That's Hula-rious!, Turquoise & Caicos, and Paradiso.

Bright lemon

Yellow nail polish may not be for everyone.

"It looks as crisp as linen on fair or dark complexions, but on olive skin, it emphasizes yellow undertones," says manicurist Elle. Try Jaune Expression, in Hot Chick, and Fierce N Tangy.

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