At the end of the day, makeup worn during the day should be taken off to clean the facial skin and allow them breathe (before replenishing/rejuvenating them with creams etc that work for them).

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Makeup removers should be chosen based on skin types, allergies and other factors but there are edible things found around the house that works well as removers and work well for even the most sensitive skin:

1. Milk

Milk hydrates and intensely moisturize the skin as well as keeps it flawless and supple.

How to use milk as a cleanser:

1.  Put milk in a clean small bowl and dip cotton wool/ball in it

2. Gently squeeze away excess milk

3. Rub the moistened cotton on the face to gently remove makeup

4. Repeat the above again until the cotton ball comes out clean

5. Rinse the face with water

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2. Yoghurt (plain)

1. Dip cotton balls into yoghurt preferably plain

2. Rub all over face in short circular motion

3.  Repeat step 2 till the cotton balls come off clear

4. Rinse the face