British teen Lucy Edwards story is one of the most inspiring i have read and watched in a very long time so you might want to keep a box of tissue close for this one.

She is a soon-to-be law student and rising beauty star on YouTube. She's also blind.

In an interview with BuzzFeed, Lucy shared that she started going blind at the age of 11 but lost all sight at the age of 17.

This hasn't stopped her from being terrifically talented when it comes to doing her own makeup.

Her sister worked with her for a year to create a beauty routine that she felt comfortable doing on her own, which she shared on YouTube to help other blind makeup-lovers develop their regimen.

Lucy's tips for liquid liner can also help those with 20/20 vision.

"You might have to get someone to check it after," she admits about liquid liner.

"I place the other hand on my eyelid to get the pen in the right position . . . I feel all along my lash line to get the right line."

But above all, when it comes to liquid liner mastery, "you just have to be confident!"

Watch Lucy school your on some great makeup tips that you could literally do with your eyes closed.