Millennials, millennials, millennials- this is the buzzword for many websites these days and pop culture writers.

Millennials are today's youth born in the early 80s to the mid-00s (some definitions start from the late 70s). They are the predecessors of Generation X. Everything is about the millennial these days from media, fashion, art and tech.

While there are some millennials who think CDs are archaic and think Carlos Santana's 'Maria Maria' is a cover of DJ Khaled's 'Wild Thoughts', there are some millennials who listened to their first albums on vinyl and on the Sony Walkman.

These millennials are known as young OGs, young enough to be millennial but old enough to have met Generation X. These in-between-ers are known as xennials.

Xennials are people who are born from 1977-1983. Technically, they are still millennials but witnessed enough of the old order, the analogue pop era to be given a new sub-category.

Xennials know how to stream the latest album on Tidal and know the connection between a Biro and cassette. You can call them vintage millennials.

They are a blend of two youthful eras. They are the fine line between Gen X and Millennials. They know how to write love letters and slide in DMs without embarrassing themselves. They belong to a micro-generation.

Sometimes some xennials feel out of place with today's current trends. They grew up on television and not on the PC and apps.