Known for his flamboyance, a Zimbabwean Pastor shares photos of his valentines gift to wife in form of a Lamborghini.

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The Senior Pastor of Good News Church, Uebert Angel, is reported to have acquired a $400,000 Lamborghini sports car for his wife, Beverly, as her Valentine's Day present.

The photos show the car dealer hand the keys to the extravagant car to Beverly, as well as another where she poses beside the car which came in bright orange.

This would not have been so much of an issues except for the fact that Uebert has continually been accused of exploiting his church members over the years.

He is reported to fund his flamboyant life style, with the proceeds from the church, but as expected, Uebert has denied the claims, adding that he had several businesses including real estate and had no need to deep his hands into the church funds.

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As they say, nothing is hidden under the sun and the truth would one day be revealed.