Thousands of unemployed youth fell

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Glad that they will have an opportunity to attend an interview with the bank for the positions of call center operators, the youths trooped into Lagos, some from other states only realized that the notification was a mere prank.

Eyewitnesses who saw the throng of job seekers converging at the address given for the interview, said there were many frustrated youths who had hoped to get an opportunity of getting employment.

This is the viral message that was sent via Whatsapp:

However, it was learned that the company had quickly taken to social media to disassociate itself from the job alert, tweeting that it did not emanate from them and that the person who sent out the message was not their staff.

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See the disclaimer here

But that did not deter the job seeking youths from trooping out to try their luck.

Addressing the crowd at their premises, officials of the company clearly told them they had fallen victims of a scam and wondered why anyone would go to that length seeing the situation in the country.

A Twitter user with the handle @madamTHEmadam, who claims she works close to the venue of the purported interview, also tweeted about the happenings.

See the tweets here.