There are some things that are held sacred and shouldnt be remade. The three times classic 1994 Disney movie

Earlier this week,

While Hollywood continues to rehash old movies for a younger demographic and milking superhero movies to span three trilogies, there are things that shouldn't be remade, not because they are classics but because they are precious to the people who watched it at the time it was released.

The year 1994 for a Nigerian who grew up in the 90s was a great year. The Super Eagles had won the African Cup of Nations for the second time, and the team would go on to the dazzle the world with its attractive, energetic and fast pace style of football at USA'94.

Two days before the kick off the World Cup, Disney released an animated feature film called The Lion King. That summer, young kids around the world were enchanted with the growing up tale of Simba and his merry friends Pumba and Timon. We gasped as Scar threw Mufasa from the cliff and cried when Simba ran away from home. We sang along with Pumba and Timon and laughed at Rafiki's quirky behaviour.

The Lion King is interwoven with a lot of people's childhood and it marks a great time in their lives before they were hit with a bagful of hormones that puberty comes with.

There are mixed feelings over this Lion King remake. Jon Favreau is a fantastic director and his live remake of The Jungle Book was received with rave reviews, but The Jungle Book is no The Lion King. As a matter of fact no animated feature film comes close to the tale of Simba (yes kids, included).

The Lion King is history, culture, a golden moment preserved in a VHS cassette. The movie's endearing qualities should not be duplicated but rather preserved for other generations to watch just like another great piece of film, The . The Lion King Live Action remake might come out good but it cannot be greater than the 1994 original.