Dear 2014,

I loved 2013. I loved her so deeply, that the walls of my existence screamed in monstrous delight every day of that year. She was amazing to me; schooling me in the deepest of life’s lessons, and making me drink from the eternal wisdom that drives human dynamics. Hers was a pivotal duration of achievement and breakthroughs, and I feel sad, that she had to go.

Every good story must taste an end, right?

So 2014, here you are, arriving with the clanging of cymbals, and the merriment of countless saints, hypocrites, angels and fiends, put together to herald the crest of your entrance. What have you in store for humankind? Some benign blessing to help us recapture our primal innocence? A rose-tinted chance for mortals to advance our creative individuality? Or just another duration to coast through with our unblinking struggle for survival? It sure beats me. But I hope with your help, we both will find answers.

I’m glad we’re here together, and I offer my glowing hand of opportunity, to forge a bond of mutual trust, understanding and ambition. We must thrive, not just survive.

Thrive in all we do, thrive in the prospective glories and vast possibilities that you’ll bring to me. Life will throw its curveballs; days of the dark shadows will come to play, echoes of uncertainty will definitely rear its ugly forms. But you and I, 2014, will stay true to our quest. With a little resurrection every time we fall, and an undying will to go on, we will rise above it all. We will see the blood of black and white and gray, we will see the tears that walk the news, we will cower, fall and hide our grace, but with each divine resurrection, we’ll cling to hope and find our face.

We must thrive, 2014, not just survive.

With arms wide open, I scatter my greetings to you. I accept you for all you are, and bask in the wave your newness. I will stick to you, I have no choice, for together, in my streetcar called ‘advancement’, we will rule the land and taste of the goodness of God.

We plans, 2014. We must drive, they must thrive, not just survive. Welcome to my journey of excellence.

Yours Optimistically,