A Philadelphia, USA man, Tony Harris, who went to his Facebook page to post stacks of dollar notes, was fatally shot to death by three gangsters who invaded his home and robbed him, reports  Latest.

The 50-year-old Harris was shot in the head by three masked men who police believe are between 17 and 19 years old.

According to the report, the men stormed Harris' house moments after he posted the cash and held him and his wife at gunpoint and demanded for the money he posted on Facebook.

Police report that Harris had, on October 5, posted a photo of his wife with a stack of cash on Facebook with the words:

“I misplaced $60,000. I hope my wife didn’t go shopping with it.”

Harris’ nephew, Anthony Fleming, however said that the post was just a joke, saying the alleged stack of money were just piles of $1 bills with $20 bills on the outside.