Beyoncé, The Queen Bey who just celebrated going platinum is launching her third perfume called ‘Rise’. It has a blend of orchid, freesia blossom, jasmine, musk. Her rise to being the number one feminist in the American entertainment industry is clearly going a notch higher.

Not content with dropping a new album out of the blue and make the entire world Google “Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie,” she will be releasing her fragrance Rise in February. The fragrance comes in a luxe gold bottle,which for Beyoncé, symbolizes luminosity, optimism and strength.

Reports say that the new fragrance was inspired by a  Maya Angelou poem. Maya Angelou is an American woman  popular for her deep and inspiring poetry. She is the second poet and first female to the first poet to make an inaugural recitation for the President of America.

According to Marsha Brooks, vice president of global marketing for a firm that oversees Bey’s fragrance business, the perfume  will give off a “strong sense of ‘overcoming adversity and rising above it all.’”