A Russian photographer, Tatiana Egorova, has busted a prostitution ring run by some Nigerian ladies who lure innocent girls into Europe with the promise of better job opportunities, only to force them into selling themselves for money; that is after making them swear an oath to repay the money used in sponsoring them.

Egorova, who went underground to expose the dirty ring, reports that she met with four young girls, all of them from Benin City in Edo State, who were recruited into the prostitution ring.

The most pathetic of the girls is a 24-year-old girl named Juliet who went to study Economics in a Russian university only to be tricked into prostitution.

Egorova recounts the story of Juliet:

"The first girl I spoke with is called Juliet. She is from Benin City, Edo State. According to Juliet, her neighbour who was later revealed to be working for a gang, suggested to Juliet’s parents to send their daughter to study Economics at a Russian university."

Hear her story:

'I’d just finished school and my parents agreed to send me to Russia after they were convinced by a neighbour that it would be best for me. The neighbour helped to get a student visa for me. When we landed at Moscow airport, her friend met us and took me to Voronezh, 543km away from Moscow.

In Voronezh, the neighbour told me I owe her $45,000, being what she spent on me and I must become a prostitute so as to make money to pay off the debt.

She took away all my money and passport and with life being so difficult for me, I had to join in the sex trade because the woman and her friends were beating me everyday for disobeying them."