Jennifer Lopez has been sued by a man for allegedly duping him into sending her naked pictures in a mail. Rodrigo Ruiz is claiming Sexual Harassment. However reports say it appears a random 53-year-old woman is responsible for the drama.

J.Lo will face a $10,000 lawsuit filed by Rodrigo Ruiz in Los Angeles yesterday claiming the singer sent him a letter in 2008 asking him to reply with nude photos alongside his demo CDs. The complaints claims the letters led him to believe he had a chance at a music career and even a romantic relationship with Lopez, but she never followed through and he eventually gave up hoping it will happen. Ruiz further says he was so depressed he sought out professional help.According to TMZ, "Ruiz sent a few of the 3-line letters he received from "Lopez" to them and here is how it looks, "I just wanted to let you know that I do remember you and that I am interested in you. I have plans on leaving my husband. But I can't say much right now so that's it for now. Send me pictures of you both with clothes and without clothes.""Here's the second -- "This is Jennifer Lopez writing to you again and just to let you know that I got your packages, music, and demos. And just to let you know you need to send me pictures of you with and without clothes.""And the third is the best -- "This is Jennifer Lopez and as you can tell it’s been a while since I last wrote and as you can see I have a new boyfriend which means your in for the long haul and you have to put up with the fact that I am f**king him and sucking his d**k."A rep for J.Lo tells the press, "this is a small claims matter that appears to be a desperate attempt for notoriety. Ms Lopez has never seen or met the plaintiff, nor has she ever communicated with him. We believe this matter should be summarily dismissed."Ruiz still believes Lopez sent these letters to him, but records show that the P.O. box he replied to is owned by a 53-year-old L.A. woman (name not identified yet) . According to gossip site, TMZ, “We called her to ask about the lawsuit and everything else, and she nervously concocted a lame explanation about operating a Jennifer Lopez fan mail exchange ... and hung up on us.”