She wants everything they do to be according to the word of God and keeps condemning him whenever he does not meet her expectations.

Read his story here:

"My name is Clement, a 43-year-old businessman living in Lagos. I have been married to Mercy for over eight years now but I have realized I made the greatest mistake of my life.

My wife is what one would call holier-than-thou and every of her actions is guided by Bible principles and anything that seems to go against what God would approve of is bound and cast with prayers, fasting, assignments and anointing oil.

I am not saying it is wrong for one to be holy or live a Godly life but my wife is the extreme case, the ones people call fanatics.

I actually met and married her when I started attending her church. When I met Mercy and made my intentions known to her, she first directed me to the pastor and after I told him that I wanted to marry her, I was referred to the marriage committee who gave me a booklet containing the dos and don'ts of Christian courtship.

That should have triggered an alarm in me but I was madly in love with Mercy and was ready to go to any length to get married to her.

But after we got married, I knew I was in for trouble as everything we did as a couple must be guided by the word. We had to pray for hours before we could make love; we must abstain from sex whenever we were observing a fast, the fact that we were married notwithstanding.

The sight of even ants in the house calls for casting and bindings and tearing down of a stronghold and all that. I cannot send money to some members of my family because they would use the money as a weapon against me.

I had to undergo spiritual assignments every month to be fortified at all times. In fact, everything I do must have approval from the pastor.

I am seriously tired of my wife's dogmatic Christian life and the pastor is not helping matters as he keeps supporting her whenever I lay a complaint.


The teaser for the day was:

What would you do if your wife is a religious fanatic?

How Nigeria voted:

I will caution her to live by my rules - 52%

I will stop her from attending the church - 12%

I will send her away - 17%

I will report to her parents - 19%

What will your vote be like?